Website Launch Announcement:‎ Monster Breaks Launches New Site

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Welcome to‎

New York, NY

Monster Breaks‎ is excited to announce the launch of its new website, which just went live, located at:


The site’s homepage welcomes customers with a clean uncluttered design, determined to revolutionize the way people think about‎ travel unlike any other travel website. Monster Breaks ‎gives the opportunity to shop from luggage, swim suites, Designer sun glasses/ clothing, headphones to diamond bracelets all in one site.‎ Users can seamlessly dream, plan, book their travel(s) with tailored content using interactive tools to buy any item(s).‎ First ever to be done on any travel website!

Monster Breaks is determined to give its customers the best travel and shopping experience by offering the best prices and breaks.

The new site is divided into several sections: Home, Travel, VIP ME/, Weekly Monster Breaks,‎ Sign In and Register. Making it easier for customers to get direct access to the information they need based on their own choices, rather than sifting through endless product and details to decide what fits their specific interest. Product categories include Hand bags, Clothing, Shoes, Eye apparel , Audio, Cell Phone Accessories , Laptops/Tablets/ unlocked Phones, Health & Body, Jewelry, Home & Office, Outdoors & Sports, Toys/Hobbies, Art and Watches, with inventory growing each day.

The website aims to help consumers travel in the most “hassle free” way. Going from “dream to destination” by using their user friendly simplified booking engine which also include Motor homes, a first for a major travel site.

You can explore at your own pace the best pricing and offers on everything from when and where to go, what to do, and how to prepare and save money – all under one roof.

Monster Breaks promises to take the travel and shopping experience to a whole new level.‎ Their slogan is “We’re‎ Monsters when it comes to giving you breaks”. And indeed they do. Everyone enjoys a break in life and you deserve it. So get booking!

The site will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the new products and services provided.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming news and developments.‎ For more information visit them at


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Paris Black Made In China

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Former Canadian pop icon and supermodel Paris Black gets a career makeover made in China . After a successful. 10 day promo and performance stint in China .Paris Black appears ready to take his career to the heights he has enjoyed a few times over the last two decades .

Eureka Global arts brought Paris to China and Hong Kong to promote his latest musical efforts. while there the former Guess and Armani model won the 2013 figure model of the year competition for Eureka Global Arts ( Who had no idea of Paris Black’s back ground in both modeling and art when they brought him to China) As a result he will be modeling in the Louvre in Paris Oct 27 as well as in galleries in Italy and New York .

“The China tour really reenergized things for me I’m really grateful to Helena and James from E.G. A. For putting me in the position to be back on top in both modeling and music . I also hope to shine a light on Canadian fine artists that I can bring with me on this journey . Lightening Entertainment out of new York has kept me front and center to be noticed internationally. Although it has been a struggle to say the least I’m enjoying the journey. ” Added Paris Black

Paris Black is now Canada’s first internationally in demand figure model . The Danish born rocker is also one of very few European or Canadian pop / rock acts to get play in China and can be seen playing a gladiator in next year’s mega film Pompeii an upcoming American action-adventure drama film. Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. The film stars Kit Harington, Emily Browning, and Kiefer Sutherland. It is scheduled to be released in February 2014

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Lightening Entertainment Attends NFL DRAFT 2013 At Radio City Music Hall

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Lightening Entertainment Attends NFL DRAFT 2013 At Radio City Music Hall

New York, NY

NFL Draft has been a three day extravaganza at
Radio City Music Hall with fans and many special guests attending to the three
day event from Thursday, April 25 to Saturday, April 27 which included many
celebrities and NFL players.

Viewership this year of Thursday night’s
round one, according to the NFL, averaged 7.7 million viewers vs. 6.3 million in
2009, the year before the draft switched to prime time.

As with almost
everything related to the NFL, the draft has become bigger than maybe ever

Lightening Entertainment Geena Jinev Anac & Natasha Anac
were on board for the third day of the draft along with ESPN News, NFL Network
& Prime Time TV

On the inside of Radio City Music Hall, Roger Goodell
the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) was at the podium,

“After a trade with the Cleveland Browns, with the sixth pick
in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Bo Callahan, quarterback,
Wisconsin,” Goodell said into the microphone.

Goodell then repeated the
announcement twice more, as he and the crew for the movie ‘Draft Day’ shot
scenes for the film. All weekend, cameras shot scenes for Ivan Reitman’s
upcoming feature. The film features Kevin Costner as the general manager of the
Cleveland Browns tasked with turning the team around. Arian Foster also has a
role in the film.

The movie was just part of the entertainment inside.
Once fans entered the building and the picks began to fly off the board, the NFL
took every measure to appease the fans and guests via gourmet food and
refreshements at the VIP section.

League representatives were throwing
merchandise into the crowd to fire up the excited fans.

Also South
Carolina tight end prospect Justice Cunningham, who became the 254th overall and
final pick on Saturday and earned the dubious title of Mr. Irrelevant in the
process. It’s the second consecutive year for the Indianapolis Colts to make the
selection, after taking Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish in

Cunningham ended a great weekend for former Gamecocks, as he was the
seventh player taken from Steve Spurrier’s program, by seven teams, over seven
rounds. In order, they were safety D.J. Swearinger (Texans), wide receiver Ace
Sanders (Jaguars), running back Marcus Lattimore (49ers), defensive end Devin
Taylor (Lions), outside linebacker DeVonte Holloman (Cowboys), center T.J.
Johnson (Bengals) and Cunningham.
Day three of NFL Draft 2013 ended in a high
note for all the draft picks.

“It was an incredible event we would like
to thank The NFL for putting together such a well organized event fans were so
happy being part of it. Many young man’s lives has been changed this weekend. We
wish best of success to all 2013 Draft Picks in the new Football Season.”
Concluded Geena Jinev Anac of Lightening Entertainment.

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The Fight For The Name Vandenberg Saga Continues

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Music: .mp3

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New York, NY

Almost a year ago former Vandenberg, Manic Eden, Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg was
being sued to the rights to his name by former Vandenberg band members singer Bert Heerink, bassist Dick Kemper and drummer Jos Zoomer.

They wanted to prohibit him from using the name Vandenberg which is unheard of because it is his legal last name.

They lost the case and got out of it with a minor fine which is not even close to the unnecessary stress & hassle they have caused to Adrian Vandenberg.

Adrian Vandenberg recently posted on his Official Facebook Page that he is being sued by bassist Dick Kemper and drummer Jos Zoomer second time around for the rights to his name. Here is the detailed story by Adrian Vandenberg himself:

” You won’t believe it, but as we speak another appeal is going on: me defending my own name against two clowns who got a free ride on my coattails ages ago, not having done anything noteworthy in all this time and now trying once again to make a quick buck using/ abusing my name.
The ‘funny’ thing is that I’m not planning to use my name ‘Vandenberg’ for my new band anyway, but of course I need to defend it against abuse.
The reason is for this is that I put together a fresh new, young and dynamic band, new albums and concerts coming up and my music style has evolved, as it should because I never like to constrict myself creatively by hanging in the past.

If we’d work under the ‘Vandenberg’ name, people might expect us to play most of the songs from that era, but the shows for my new band will feature a few Vandenberg and Whitesnake songs in addition to the new stuff. Maybe some Manic Eden tracks as well.

I am very proud of my past though, but it’s sad to see that these individuals that I invited to join my band in 1981(!) behave themselves in such an embarrassing way and put a greasy smudge on the memory of my former band.

At the time when I signed the contracts for my band with the record company and my USA management, these party’s put a lot of pressure on me to get rid of the other band members Heerink, Kemper and Zoomer because they felt the guys weren’t good enough musicians. In the back of my mind I knew they were right, but I didn’t want to let these guys down because I thought they were my friends. So out of loyalty I had to argue and fight to keep them in my band.
What do you know? More than 30 years later this treasonous situation comes up.

I never wanted to let the saying ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ get a grip on my philosophy in life, but…ehmmm.. a knife in ones back can feel pretty uncomfortable.

Then again if it wasn’t such a sad situation it could be highly entertaining in some masochistic way to see the individuals pictured here all pimped up and pouting in their plastic pants and puffed up hair butcher my songs and parade around with my logo on their XXL T-shirts. It’s basically like stealing a Ferrari and then cruise down Sunset Strip showing off with someone else’s property shouting: “Look at my new car!” Concluded Adrian Vandenberg

Adrian Vandenberg reached global success through his genuine talent and hard work. He is loved by many musician peers and fans throughout the world. Trying to steal his name is not only a cheap attempt to get some kind a recognition by bitter former band members who have not reached any kind of notable success since the dismembering of the band Vandenberg.

It’s like insisting on keeping the name Mc Donald’s but dropping the “Big Mac” from the menu and hoping that people still buy in to it.
Why would anyone even think about going to a battle they know that there is no chance that they can win? Is the real question.

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Canadian Rock Star Paris Black Prepares For Numerous Appearances In China

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Canadian Rock Star Paris Black is going to be “rolled out ” to the people of
China in a 10 day blitz of Hong Kong and Gui Lin China. He will be doing
television and Radio interviews as well as live shows plus fashion and video
Helena Han and James Sky run Eureka Entertainment and are gambling on
Paris Blacks electrifying presence on stage, his powerful voice, super model
good looks and iconic image to successfully lead the way for American and
Canadian acts to blaze a trail for a full tour for not only Paris Black and his band but also other powerful acts from the West: China’s new chairman has indicated he is open to this new direction.

He understands the great opportunity this presents “At this point in my career I am really grateful for this chance and will try to make the most of it” added Paris Black

Paris Black was born in Denmark, moved to London, England and then to Canada at the age of ten where he still currently resides. A performer and artist at a very young age, he became a noted entertainer playing international engagements while having his art displayed at the Art Gallery of Ontario by age 12.
Paris became a recognized Canadian Pop/Rock artist and teen heartthrob in the late ’80s and early 90‘s, his smooth voice and sexy good looks landed him in a number of teen magazines. His debut album, released under the Trend Records label and titled Secret Seduction, hit the stores in 1988 and reached Gold status across the country. Three singles “Better Get Ready”, “Lover”, and “Buried Alive” were released the same year along with music videos.
Better Get Ready” topped the RPM Magazine’s charts at number one and was used in the movie Wedlock starring Justine Bateman. His self titled album Paris Black released in 1989 by I.S.B.A. records and distributed by Sony Music was a huge success featuring songs written by Michael Bolton and Diane Warren.

In 1992 Paris redirected his focus, becoming a top international model and TV personality. His studies with renowned acting coach Vic Perillo (Juilliard, Academy of Arts) landed him lead and feature roles in films as well as becoming the world’s most recognized Human Art Statue and Billy Idol tribute artist. Throughout this time Paris continued to perform and worked with renowned artists such as Platinum Blonde, Aerosmith, The Tragically Hip, and The Scorpions among many others. As well, he also worked alongside some of the world’s top producers and song writers such as: close friend the late Kenny MacLean of Platinum Blonde; Grammy award winner Steve Sexton; and multi-platinum producer/engineer Mark S. Berry, who has 37 platinum albums some of his credits include some of the biggest names in the music industry such as David Bowie, Billy Idol, and Duran Duran.

Paris Black’s management team, Lightening Entertainment of New York NY is looking to open more doors and opportunities in Asia for him and his ban for 2013

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Lightening Entertainment Branches Out To Car Sales & Launches An Ebay Store

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Since its  inception 1995 Lightening Entertainment has aligned itself with many diversified fields in business & entertainment area including celebrity bookings, management, event promotions, concierge services, personal assistance services, event security services.

Geena Jinev Anac, CEO/Talent Manager & Natasha Anac VP/Networking Manager has been involved in many projects since the company’s inception including NFL Draft Marathon, Red Carpet events such as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary, New York Giants Caribbean Cruise, NBA Las Vegas All Star weekend, Allen Iverson’s Birthday Bash, Legends of  Wrestling Events Cromwell CT, New York Fashion Week, A-List CD, Magazine, Film release party extravaganzas from the Hampton’s to South Beach, FL.

These two dynamic women have successfully built and branded their agency by collaborating with numerous high profile public relations, marketing, talent/casting/sports agencies, and record labels on countless celebrity driven campaigns globally. Lightening Entertainment has one major objective – to ensure the clients they serve are provided with the best practice and standards of excellence in an ever changing business arena.

Lately Geena Jinev Anac can be seen at ‘s Shoot Interview Segments with legendary WWE pro wrestlers such as The Iron Sheik & The Honky Tonk Man.

Natasha Anac has interviewed Grammy Award winning artist Q  Parker of 112  & Grammy Nominated artist Eric Benét . She is also currently involved in her own fitness project.

Lastly  the Anac sisters have added car sales and an Ebay store launch to their list of  business projects. When we asked the question of  ” How they got involved in car sales? CEO of Bankroll Entertainment Tay Williams answered the question. “I live in Edgewater NJ I own a water front property, during Hurricane Sandy my property got flooded and I lost all my four vehicles. When I mentioned this to Geena, she told me “Not to worry!” Within two months she found me a Maserati, Hummer H2 & Two Mercedes Benz ‘s through private owners. All I had to tell her was what I was looking for & the rest was history.”

“We enjoy car sales also its part of the concierge services that we offer, as long as we know what year, make & model vehicle you are looking for,  it’s our pleasure to find it for you by simply contacting us at 201-926-6084. We have also launched an Ebay store CHEAPO’S DEN,  where we specialize high quality items such as collectibles, cars, home electronics accessories with reasonable prices & high quality service. We don’t believe in limiting ourselves when it comes to work, we enjoy being involved in many diversified arenas. We also have updated our website through Web Smart Advisors We hope our clients will enjoy the new design.”

“We have lots of projects coming up for 2013 & we are looking forward in each and every one  of them.” Concluded Geena Jinev Anac


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Hulk Hogan & Hulkamania Runs Wild In Fishkill, New York

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WWE Hall Of Famer , Pro Wrestling Icon Hulk Hogan was in Fishkill, New York over the past weekend for Northeast Wrestling’ s “Wrestling Under The Stars” event. The well organized event by Northeast Wrestling has attracted many fans who came in to meet Hulk Hogan at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill NY.
Hulk Hogan took the time to talk to his fans and signed autographs and did photo ops for almost 3.5 hours. The signing started two hours early due to expected rain. The fans were very excited to finally get to meet the wrestling Icon. Hogan appeared on the ring with Roddy Piper later on that night.

” I really enjoyed the signing, the event was a real success, Northeast Wrestling did a tremendous job organizing the event. Very excited to meet Hollywood Hulk Hogan after so many years, he is a role model and a true gentleman. It does not get any bigger than this. ” Added Geena Jinev Anac Of Lightening Entertainment.

Celebrity talent booker Scott Epstein, Sideline Promotions and Nestor Castro of were also present at the event.

Other Stars who were present at the event were Rowdy Roddy Piper, Matt Hardy , Jimmy Heart, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Sami Callihan, Lita, Vader, Goldust, Brian Anthony, Matt Taven at The Beautiful People Angelina & Velvet Sky.

Hulk Hogan professional wrestler, actor, television personality, and musician signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980s and 90s as the all-American character Hulk Hogan in the World Wrestling Federation (WWE), and as Hollywood Hogan, the villainous nWo leader, in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Hogan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005. He is a 12-time world champion being a six-time WWF/WWE Champion, six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and a former WWE World Tag Team Champion with Edge. He is the second longest-reigning WWF Champion of all time (after Bruno Sammartino) and the longest-reigning of the 1980s, having held the title for 1,474 days from 1984-1988, as well as the longest-reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion of all time, with a 469 day reign from 1994-1995. Hogan won the Royal Rumble in 1990 and 1991, making him the first man to win two consecutive Royal Rumbles.

Hogan also has released a music CD, Hulk Rules, as Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band. Also, Green Jellÿ released a single, a duet with Hogan, performing Gary Glitter’s classic song “I’m the Leader of the Gang (I Am)”. He has also made cameos in several music videos. From her self-named show, Dolly the music video for Dolly Parton’s wrestling-themed love song “Headlock on my Heart” features Hogan as “Starlight Starbright”. On the show, Parton mentioned that the tabloid Weekly World News had “reported” that she had written a song about her love for a wrestler, and said “if you read in the Weekly World News, it must be true!” In the music video “Pressure” by Belly ft. Ginuwine, Hogan and his daughter Brooke both made brief cameo appearances.

Hulk Hogan’s crossover popularity led to several television and movie roles. Early in his career Hogan played the part of Thunderlips in Rocky III (1982). He also appeared in No Holds Barred (1989), before starring in the family films Suburban Commando (1991), Mr. Nanny (1993), Santa with Muscles (1996), and 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998). He starred in his own television series, Thunder in Paradise, in 1994. He is the star of The Ultimate Weapon (1997), in which Brutus Beefcake also appears in a cameo.

Hulk Hogan also starred in a pair of television movies, originally intended as a pilot for an ongoing series for TNT, produced by Eric Bischoff. The movies, Shadow Warriors: Assault on Devil’s Island and Shadow Warriors: Hunt for The Death Merchant, starred Hogan alongside Carl Weathers and Shannon Tweed as a freelance mercenary team. In 1995, he appeared on TBN’s Kids Against Crime.

Up to this date he maintains being the undisputed biggest name in Pro Wrestling industry.


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